Rapid Drilling Fluids

Rapid Drilling Fluids delivers decades of experience in drilling fluids systems and fluid engineering.  Our success is based upon a highly innovative, cost-efficient operating model that produces high-quality drilling mud systems at competitive rates for our customers.

Rapid Drilling Fluids maintains a core research and development team to work on improvements in in-house products and to improve upon third-party technology, expanding Rapid's intellectual property inventory. This approach allows Rapid Drilling Fluids to combine best-of-class third-party products with Rapid developed technologies.

An example of Rapid Drilling Fluid's in-house development is the RD TopHole™ system, the unique RD THV™ polymer system is designed for the toughest "gumbo" formations. RD TopHole™ is setting records for rates of penetration through tough, "sticky", hard-to-drill gumbo formations.

Another key Rapid Drilling Fluids innovation is the new, plant-surfactant drilling mud system offering operators an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel and synthetic oil mud systems. The new Velocity Drilling Fluid System is a water-external phase, non-toxic drilling system that performs like an oil-based mud but is a water-based fluid. Minimal shale erosion and ultra-low coefficient of friction results make Velocity Drilling Fluid System a superior choice for operators in all areas. (The combination of components used in the Velocity drilling fluid system patent pending)

Rapid Drilling Fluids is extending the performance of it's Velocity Drilling Fluid System technology by introducing the Vector Lube DF a high performance lubricant and friction reducer based on a plant derived component enhanced with the addition of a unique metal-to-metal lubricity agent. The Vector Lube DF naturally migrates to the metal surfaces where it provides the functionality of a superior lubricant for overall friction reduction. This product can be used in water-based, oil-based, brines and frac fluids. In all cases the product demonstrates exceptional friction reduction.

Our team takes tremendous pride in solving the unsolved problems for our customers.  We are able to deliver innovative drilling fluid products and services in virtually all of the active energy centers throughout the United States.

Velocity Drilling Fluid is a drilling system setting new standards in performance and environmental compliance. Unlike traditional drilling mud systems, Velocity Drilling Fluid is prepared using biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients. Field testing as well as laboratory tests confirm that residuals of the Velocity Drilling Fluid system are not persistent in the environment and are biodegraded with naturally occurring microorganisms in a matter of days when released.