Fracturing Chemicals | Fracturing Fluid

Fracturing chemicals are formulated to improve well frac performance. Chem Rock is an industry leader in the development of best-in-class well fracturing chemicals. The proprietary products developed by Chem Rock deliver top results for operators and pressure pump companies.

Water Viscosity Agents

Chem Rock supplies a range of fracturing chemicals intended to increase the viscosity of water. Water is crucial to the fracturing process, and it is used in large volumes - sometimes exceeding 200,000 bbls (8.4 million gallons) in  a single well frac operation. The water used in fracturing is treated with viscosity increasing polymers (natural and/or synthetic) to increase the viscosity of the water so it can evenly support sand proppant to the target area.

Guar is a commonly used viscosity agent when added to water. In addition, derivatized Guar such as hydroxypropyl guar and carboxymethyl hydroxypropyl guar are used where well conditions require a higher temperature stable viscosity fluid. Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is also effective and in many ways can be more economical.

Friction Reducers

When water is pumped at high rates and volumes during well fracture operations the resistance to flow or friction within the pipe leads to higher pump pressures and reduced transfer of energy from the pump to the formation. In these situations synthetic polymers are used as friction reducers to reduce the hydraulic frictional forces and lower pressures.

Chem Rock offers a range of polymers proven to reduce friction up to 70 percent or more quickly in harsh frac water conditions which include: fresh, brackish and salt water.

Iron Control & Corrosion

During the well fracture operations hydrochloric acids is often used as a spear fluid to lead the way for frac fluid, cleaning the surface of the reservoir from residual drilling mud and mineral scale. Chem Rock supplies acid corrosion inhibitors to protect all metal surfaces and minimize corrosion to well tubing during this phase of the procedure.

The acid phase can put into solution iron from metal surfaces, if left untreated the iron can fall out of solution when pH values in the well approach a neutral pH 7.0 level. Chem Rock offers environmentally friendly iron chelating agents to increases the solubility of iron in water.