About Us

Chem Rock supplies a comprehensive range of chemical products and services to oil & gas operators and well service providers for stimulation and completions. Chem Rock works to provide customers with the right chemical solution to meet their needs for coiled tubing, well fracturing, and production enhancement. The team of scientist and fluid engineers at Chem Rock strive to develop advanced chemical solutions, along with application methods that meet the challenges facing operators in today's demanding resource plays. The scientists and fluid engineers at Chem Rock possess many years of in-the-lab and in-the-field downhole chemical expertise, and deliver this to our clients in an innovative model we call " Science & Services . . . Delivered".

The solution to many frac and coil tubing problems is in the pre-job work to develop the highest fluid efficiency possible. Chem Rock frac and coil specialists spend hours in the lab interpreting field data and developing a broad product knowledge base to offer solutions quickly to problems encountered in the field.

Experience in Innovation

Our development effort recognizes it takes a broader perspective to meet the ever-changing challenges facing our customers. Chem Rock actively engages and partners with chemical developers, manufacturers, toll blenders, and stocking locations. These strategic partners provide Chem Rock with the advantage of a broad product line, responsive supply and advanced technical services.

Chem Rock takes advantage of the extended capabilities of its channel partners to greatly improve its supply chain logistics and lower costs. The end result of our commercial supply chain produces real benefits. Our customers realize high performance cost-effective products in a responsive way.

Our Mission

To provide energy producers, as well as frac and coil tubing service companies with quality, innovative and customized completion fluid services that are superior in quality and functionality. Our team of scientists and field service professionals develop customer and location specific solutions that provide tailored service beyond the sale.

Chem Rock for Performance

Chem Rock Technologies takes pride in its development of innovative solutions that are able to solve many of the important problems facing oil & gas operators in the drilling, completing and fracturing of wells.

Environmental Commitment

Chem Rock is committed to reducing its impact on the planet and working to provide products which are developed from renewable and sustainable resources. We work to encourage sustainability and recycling in every area of our business.

Sustainable Products

The work to develop sustainability is more than the chemistry. It means finding new and more efficient ways to accomplish things in an eco-efficient manner. Our innovation efforts are focused on developing products and methods to employ the products in ways that protect our environment.


A growing globalization of commerce requires a new approach to developing products. The limits and scarcity of raw materials requires we look at sustainability as a standard method of business. Our scientists and business development professionals are always looking for ways to minimize our effect in our world and on the demand of its resources. We work to source materials locally when possible. When not possible we work to obtain raw materials in the most carbon-efficient manner, minimizing the carbon impact in our world.